Client Testimonials

PA Modal Testimonials

“I’m going to stop playing the ‘blame game’ and take more responsibility at work.”

Supervisor, Federal Government Agency

“I see the importance of taking ownership for my role at work in terms of my career growth and ultimate job security.”

Customer Service Manager, High Technology Company

“The power of intention and being clear about desired outcomes is key to me holding myself and others accountable.”

Operations Manager, Aerospace Corporation

“Proactive Recovery as the way of demonstrating the Forgiveness step in the model helped us reduce the time on our projects by 35%. Now our projects are on time and on budget with much higher customer satisfaction.”

 Plant Manager, Biotech Corporation

“This is one of the most practical models that I have used to improve my relationships at work and at home with my family.”

Sales Manager, National Retail Chain

MYI Client Testimonials

A terrific operations manual for getting and staying in the driver’s seat of life.

~David Allen, Chairman, The David Allen Company and bestselling author of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Making Yourself Indispensable is an inspiring guide to being accountable in all aspects of your life – from work to home to relationships. This new edition only adds to the book’s value as a roadmap to achievement and a source of practical wisdom.

~Arianna Huffington / Founder of the Huffington Post / Author of On Becoming Fearless…in Love, Work and Life

 El trabajo de Accountability desarrollado con el equipo directivo ha sido clave a la hora de alinear la visión que los diferentes directivos teníamos sobre “empowerment” y nos ha permitido trasladar un mensaje consistente y poderoso a la Organización sobre lo que esperamos de nuestros empleados. El impacto del curso y del material se ha traducido en un mayor liderazgo de los mandos intermedios que has “reinventado” su rol para afrontar los retos de la organización con mas ilusión, energía y madurez.  Mi experiencia es que se trata de una herramienta muy poderosa para alinear a una Organización con sus objetivos.

The Accountability Workshop carried out with our Leadership team has been critical in aligning the vision of each leader around self and employee empowerment, and it has allowed us to send a consistent and powerful message on what we expect from our people. Then main impact has been the reinforcement of the leadership of our managers whom have reinvented their role to face the challenges of the company with enthusiasm, energy and maturity. My experience is that Accountability is a extremely powerful tool to align an organization towards its objectives.

~Susan Gomez / Director of Human Resources / Kellog Corporation in Spain

“Our mission is to teach youth the three new R’s: Respect, Resiliency, and Responsibility. An underlying value for achieving this end is personal accountability. The concepts and methods taught in this book are practical and valuable for teenagers and anyone guiding teenagers to become future leaders and responsible citizens.”

~Stu Semigran / President and Co-Founder, EduCare Foundation

“This book is easy to understand and gets your attention. The real life examples are effective in delivering the message on the tremendous power of personal accountability. At the Callaway Energy Center, we trained our leaders on personal accountability and used this book as a guide. This resulted in notable improvements in our teamwork, engagement, accountability, and performance. I highly recommend it.”

~Fadi Diya / Vice President, Nuclear Operations, Ameren Corporation

“Here at the University of Santa Monica it is essential that we provide a sacred and supportive educational environment within which each student can achieve significant and lasting personal and professional goals. I am pleased to see that Mark has put the principles and keys to paper that he has been using with our staff for over 10 years to assist us in attaining and maintaining a high level of accountability.”

~H. Ronald Hulnick, Ph.D., President, University of Santa Monica and co-author of Loyalty To Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology

“Personal accountability is hugely important for individuals who want to be successful.  At Goodrich, we have adopted and advocated for this approach and are seeing it become part of our DNA with great benefits to our business and our workplace. If only this was compulsory reading for all of us, with timely reminders to each other when we fall down in to the “victim part of the accountability loop” – I think the world would be a better place.

~Helen Goldson / VP, Talent Management / Goodrich

“After more than 12 years of using Mark Samuel’s powerful tools and insights now taught in Making Yourself Indispensable, I have seen hundreds of people in my organization become more effective and satisfied at work. This book is a proven and inspiring path to greater levels of achievement and fulfillment in life.”

~Todd Pierce / Executive vice president Operations and Mobility /

“This book, Making Yourself Indispensable: The Power of Personal Accountability, goes beyond feel good concepts. There are common-sense gems of applications intertwined with appropriate knowledge information to form wisdom transition points for healing. It is transformative, powerful and practical.”

~Gene D. Thin Elk / CEO, Medicine Wheel, Inc., Red Road Teachings

I have known Mark Samuel in multiple business consulting settings over many years and I have seen him address and positively transform the biggest corporate challenges you can imagine. Mark has a unique genius for strategy, transformation, and helping others to personally and professionally lead meaningful change. This amazing book is absolutely invaluable and offers the reader so much more than a clear way to create job security and new opportunities at work. This book is about being and feeling your best in everything you do. It will change the work world, and ultimately has the power to change families, habits, old patterns and relationships of all kinds. Must read!

~Dr. Jonathan Ellerby / CEO Tao Wellness Center and Inspired Community, author of the best-selling book, Inspiration Deficit Disorder

“When people leave our leadership workshop, they are on fire to create a high performance workplace.  Once they return to work, they encounter the same traditional work culture they left the week before.   Embracing Mark’s approach to Accountability creates a confidence and freedom to overcome obstacles versus being overwhelmed by them.  Mark’s wisdom is a gift; we share that gift with all our clients.”

~Sue Bingham / Founder, HPWP Consulting, LLC

”Supercuts is dedicated to customer service and providing high quality services and products. Yet, customer expectations are increasing each year. Exceeding customer expectations can only happen with each employee’s commitment to personal accountability, where they evolve to higher levels of performance and communication to meet those needs. Making Yourself Indispensable and the Personal Accountability Model has provided our team with the inspiration and tools to make those improvements so we an continually raise the bar on customer service.”

~Christina R. Campbell / Christina Campbell & Company / Supercuts

“I researched for years looking for a simple way of describing accountability without all of the negative stuff associated with it. The Personal Accountability Model is the answer. This method has assisted my staff and our employees move away from resistance, blame, or hiding and to learn how to take full accountability for the success of their actions. As a result, we are more successful than ever.”

~Paul Trinidad / Director, Customer Supply Chain Latin America / Vistakon, Johnson & Johnson

“I have known Mark and his accountability work for over 20 years now.  He is an exceptionally wise, insightful and effective consultant and I have worked along aside him on numerous client engagements.  As a pioneer myself in the field of personal responsibility, I applaud the work Mark has done to place the spotlight on The Power of Personal Accountability.  This book is truly indispensable.”

~Russell Bishop / Author of the Bestselling book, Making Yourself Indispensableand Editorial Director for The Huffington Post

“Mark’s book, Making Yourself Indispensable, provides a roadmap to living a fulfilling life both at home and at work. Mark’s book gives clear, practical instruction to help the reader take control of their life in a way that also opens their heart, which is essential to building the human spirit. It is truly inspiring!”

~Agapi Stassinopoulos / Author of Unbinding the Heart: A Dose of Greek Wisdom, Generosity and Unconditional Love

Making Yourself Indispensable” talks to you and encourages you. It is like having a professional career coach at your finger tips to help you improve and be more effective. It gives you principles and a new mindset that you can put to use immediately to make a difference. It makes you think differently.  It builds your confidence that you can do better. This book is indispensible.

~Darwin Richardson / Plant Manager / Baxter Healthcare Corporation

“Applying the personal Accountability model in our Center we were able to respond to this challenging time of tough regulations.. We implement new behaviors through all levels of the organization that were not negotiable and these were aligned to our key performance indicators. We are still on the search of excellence and we are so pleased to have installed this model in our culture”

~Gisela Perozo / HR Director / Maracay Medical Center in Venezuela

Mark Samuel has written such a clear and practical book on how to make oneself indispensable.  The gift of this book is the ability to adapt the processes to our own lives and walk away with measured steps to take and apply to any situation, which is truly empowering. “Making Yourself Indispensable” made me aware of my hidden imperfections, my strengths, and my “purpose driven” career on a deeper level. This is a book I will use again and again. Thank you, Mark Samuel!

~Philip Barr, MD / Clinical Director / California Health and Longevity Institute
Medical Director / Pinnacle Care

Mark Samuel has written an insightful and very practical book that is not just about personal accountability but also about what accountability will help us achieve: “indispensability”. Samuel demonstrates an exceptional understanding of the psychological underpinnnings of people’s behavior as well as a firm grasp of the realities of today’s workplace. Consequently he appreciates the subtlety of the many problems we face and does not oversimplify. He offers stimulating ideas, exercises and solutions and that will have value for just about everyone. In short, Samuel has made an extremely valuable contribution to our understanding of accountability and to our quest for the kind of successful life/career that has true accountability at its core.

~Steven Daniel, Ph.D. / Director of Program Planning / The Institute for Management Studies

The lessons learned in Making Yourself Indispensable take the mystery out of accountability by not only providing a foundational language for practicing accountability, but a complete roadmap as well.  It has been my personal experience that by applying these principles across an organization, people do transform, ultimately leading to more accountable individuals, teams, and organizations with improved business results.

~Ann M. Hackett, Ph.D. / Vice President, Talent Management / H&R Block

So what really makes an employee high potential?  In very pragmatic terms Mark Samuel relates how it is not enough to be a subject matter expert or perform to a list of leadership core competencies.  Regardless of the complexity around us or the briskness of the winds of change that may attempt to drive us off course, taking initiative, being consistent and having others count on us to do what we say will we do – true acCOUNTability – sets people apart – Particularly if we intend to make the most of what we do, and importantly who we ARE, in service to others.

~Dr. Zara F. Larsen / Change Leadership Consultant and Coach /host of “Circles of Change” Radio

Accountability is a key concept in moving an organization forward, especially in a challenging business climate.  The principles and practices expressed in Making Yourself Indispensibleprovide a clear, concise pathway for easy and efficient application in today’s competitive business environment. Of equal significance is the manner in which the author demonstrates how these same principles, when applied to one’s personal life, can enhance one’s sense of gratification and achievement , contributing to their professional life.

~Cindy Tucker / Americas’ Senior Customer Contact & Business Center Manager / Agilent Technologies

The personal accountability model allowed us to build a clear vision of excellence for our future and gave us the opportunity to define our path of success. It was understood for all levels of the company. Our new habits of execution and priorities brought about our expected results. Our focus was the human factor and his motivation toward better interaction and execution. I am convinced that the Personal Accountability Model was the best way to achieve outstanding results.

~Juan Seijas / Efe. Plant Manager / Empresas Polar

Making Yourself Indispensable is a practical guide to living your life with integrity and commitment at home and at work. The topics and exercises encourage introspection and practical solutions using real life examples. Everyone needs to regain perspective from time to time and this book can help people do just that!”

~Mary Ann Sutherland / Vice President, Human Resources – DST Output, Inc.

“I have been able to apply the concepts to my current, very successful project in Colombia. As individual problems and issues came up, I was able to use the practical steps to encourage and motivate team members. I called a talented team of pipeline professionals together, and instead of focusing on the details, I was dedicated to building the best pipeline in the world to transport the heaviest oil ever. The results that I got back were stunning- out of the box thinking that had people’s creativity and enthusiasm overflowing that will give us a competitive edge in the market. While we improved performance, Mark’s unique approach to accountability was rooted in compassion, understanding and accepting differences that all humans represent.”

~ Pipeline Executive