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Mark lets us in on the secret to true team transformation that instantly increases shared ownership for results, improves project execution, shorten’s meeting, and creates breakthrough results. Mark covers how to the missing piece to:
  • Quickly install a culture where it’s safe to surface issues and fix them
  • Move from being stuck to rapidly accomplishing breakthrough results
  • Instantly transform silo thinking into shared ownership for success
  • Be business outcome-driven in your planning and execution.

This Is How You Should Build a Team

About Mark

Mark’s keynote presentations are inspirational, humorous, and actionable in a way that improves the workplace and people’s personal life. Mark has a unique way of expanding people’s mindset and giving people a roadmap for changing people’s habits in order to be more effective and successful. Whether talking about organizational changes, leadership at every level or his specialty in personal, team and organizational accountability, Mark’s presentations are link heart and practicality together to leave motivated to take action.

While most keynote speeches are entertaining, Mark’s presentations involve audience participation activities that enlighten each person. As a result, they have greater ownership and apply the paradigm shifting concepts and tools presented. Ultimately, participants want to hear more, learn more, and are enthusiastic to integrate the message and strategies presented into the workplace and in their personal lives.

No keynote presentation is alike. Mark begins by getting to know your organization, your goals, and your challenges to ensure that his message is spot on and relatable to the participants.

Based on your desired outcomes for the Keynote presentation and the unique attributes of your audience, Mark will customize his presentation and activities to exceed expectations as demonstrated by the enthusiasm of the participants.

Mark’s talks can be delivered in a one to two-hour speech, half day or full day format. Click the button below to request a meeting with Mark to discuss your situation and desired outcome.

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