Imagine waking up with enthusiasm every workday.

Imagine being certain that you are highly valued by your boss and coworkers.

Imagine feeling secure and in control because, even if jobs are being eliminated, you’re too valuable to let go or others are eager help you find new employment.

In other words, imagine being indispensable.

homepage-mark-samuel-bookMark Samuel has been helping companies and individuals change their lives and create measurable results. Named Best New Business Book, Making Yourself Indispensable The Power of Personal Accountability gives you insights and tools to claim your power and shift your life.

As a top systems thinker Mark developed a unique approach for diagnosing root causes for the most complex challenges and his rapid approach to achieving unparalleled and sustainable results. In his workshops, in Europe and North and South America, Mark has moved audiences to effective action with his engaging, inspirational, humorous, interactive and thought-provoking presentations.

Mark’s work with individuals has effected long-term positive, profitable improvement in Fortune 500 companies worldwide, including:

  • The Royal Bank of Canada
  • Chevron Corporation
  • American Express
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Honda Corporation
  • Texas Instruments

  • Maidenform
  • The University of California at Berkeley
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Siemens
  • Women for Women
  • and numerous other organizations.

Mark is the best-selling author of the acclaimed Creating the Accountable Organization and just released his newest book, Making Yourself Indispensable: the Power of Personal Accountability.

Here’s what people are saying about his latest book:

A terrific operations manual for getting and staying in the driver’s seat of life.

Making Yourself Indispensable is an inspiring guide to being accountable in all aspects of your life  from work to home to relationships. This new edition only adds to the book’s value as a roadmap to achievement and a source of practical wisdom.

Our mission is to teach youth the three new R’s: Respect, Resiliency, and Responsibility. An underlying value for achieving this end is personal accountability. The concepts and methods taught in this book are practical and valuable for teenagers and anyone guiding teenagers to become future leaders and responsible citizens.

Here at the University of Santa Monica it is essential that we provide a sacred and supportive educational environment within which each student can achieve significant and lasting personal and professional goals. I am pleased to see that Mark has put the principles and keys to paper that he has been using with our staff for over 10 years to assist us in attaining and maintaining a high level of accountability.?

How you, your management team and every employee will benefit from reading Making Yourself Indispensable:

  1. Each person regardless of role will be inspired and take ownership for raising the bar on their performance, communication and teamwork.
  2. Practical assessments and tools will be used by managers and their teams to improve the standards of quality, safety, productivity, and customer service.
  3. Respect, trust, teamwork and taking initiative to solve problems will replace the blame-game and delegating up to solve problems.
  4. Each person will come away believing in themselves, empowered to make a difference and excited to contribute to everyone’s success in support of making the organization more successful
  5. People will learn a humanistic and positive approach to accountability that creates an environment of shared accountability and support.
  6. Projects will be better executed, priorities will remain the focus of everyone’s energy and effort, and critical thinking will be developed at all levels of the organization.
  7. Each person will take responsibility with a clear roadmap for developing their career and creating work-life balance at the same time

Now is your chance to Become Indispensable and Discover The Power of Personal Accountability!

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