mark-samuel-rcc-smAs a trusted advisor to C-Suite leaders, Plant Managers, and GMs globally, Mark Samuel offers accountability-based executive and management coaching to assist individual leaders in developing strategies to create the new behaviors and habits their organization needs to perform at higher levels. Mark’s coaching relationships are designed to help manage individual issues which can surface during group process that are most effectively handled one-on-one, and can be a powerful complement to training and consulting programs to develop their relationship skills or to improve their achievement of business results.


Typical objectives include developing skills in critical management areas such as:

  1. Strategize changes in business model, organizational structure and implementing culture change
  2. Improve Strategic and Critical Thinking in order to develop effective strategic plans to achieve organizational transformation
  3. How to diagnose and resolve organizational, team and individual performance challenges
  4. Develop Strategies and Coaching skills for becoming a more effective business leader, improving team performance and relationships, as well as individual performance and influence
  5. Develop Accountability-Based Facilitation Skills that include working with group dynamics, and creating a strategy between the various issues presented by a groupmark-samuel-ams-2
  6. Develop Strategies and Techniques for measuring and tracking performance execution, key initiatives and organizational change
  7. Develop Communication Strategies to increase influence and promote transformation
  8. Develop skills in Leading Effective Meetings, monitoring projects, improving relationships on the team and promoting successes to others.

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