The Service behind Customer Service

Can you provide too much service?? Yes, for if not done within the context of those wanting to be served, you can overstep your bounds.? Paying attention to the actual need as opposed to satisfying your need to be needed is the catch, along with first being in service to Read more

Creating a High Performance and High Relationship Culture

Organizational culture is not truly defined by values and beliefs (what we want them to be), but rather is a result of people?s behaviors when in relationship to execute desired results.? In the context of what needs to be accomplished, what are the necessary Read more

Taking Better Care of Ourselves in 2013

With the business world demanding more and more of us, how do we become more kind, nurturing, forgiving and supportive of ourselves, so we can be more of who we really want to be?? This requires Read more

Using the Question ?I wonder how ?? to Shift from Worry to Possibility

When we are unsure of what to do next, wondering is so much less stressful than worrying and cranking ourselves into a potentially directionless doing mode.? If business slows down or projects do not meet our expectations and a break in the Read more

Is ?Confusion? Blocking You from Success?

Confusion can flip on like a defense mechanism when we are afraid of change, automatically shutting us down.? Slow down, relax, acknowledge we do not have to get everything right the first time, and ask for help. Sometimes we really are confused and not Read more

Remember to Thank Yourself

While quite often we measure progress in terms of how we contribute to other people?s lives, it is so very important to acknowledge our own progress ? even getting through the day ? by saying ?Thank You!? for all our Read more

Trusting the Right Voices to Overcome Our Limiting Beliefs

It is so important to quiet ourselves and listen, particularly during episodes of chaos, disappointment or fear.? We need to be wary of how our thinking mind dominates and pushes us to problem solve.? Take a step back and acknowledge your Read more

The Cross-Cultural Relevance of Accountability

A competitive world is opening up new opportunities and challenges to all of us. One of the most powerful levers of accountability that transcends nationality or culture is cross-functional teaming ? our getting beyond the silos Read more

Increase Your Influence and Value


Based on “Be Indispensable” article that originally appeared in Leadership Excellence July 2012.?Click Here to read PDF version.

Make seven clear choices.

Many organizations are plagued by leaders who are making choices today to protect themselves and their turf in a way that makes them dispensable and their organizations vulnerable to customer demands, competition, and recession.

I see seven choices for becoming so valuable to others that you are always in demand?truly indispensable to your company, direct reports and peers.

Choice 1: Purpose-driven or goal-dri?ven. While we all have our performance goals to complete each year, and setting goals is a way to keep people focused, it is purpose that inspires and motivates people to excel. Do your people know your purpose, the context for their hard work and the value of their contribution to a greater good beyond their job and paycheck? Great leaders stand for some?thing greater and motivate their workers because of their purpose motive?their contribution to a greater good.

Choice 2: Play big or play small. Play?ing small can take on different attributes ?not speaking up to voice your opin?ion, resisting change, or micromanaging your direct reports. Leaders can?t afford to play small. They have to make tough decisions, spark innovation, and take calculated risks. Leaders who play big share two qualities: Read more