Being You Instead of Being All Things to All People

Despite the fact we enroll in leadership development and training programs, or as an athlete or performer enlist the assistance of skills-focused coaches, it is very important to not lose sight of who we are. Be wary of measuring your worth against Read more

Healing the Three Organizational Diseases – Judgment, Fear and Rumor

During times of internal and external organizational change leaders need to be on the watch to prevent the viral spread of the cancerous diseases of judgment, fear and rumor. Once we form an opinion against another person that they are not doing enough, we tend to want to prove Read more

Dealing with Turbulent Transitions Confidently

Quite often when organizations step into the challenges of downsizing, relocating operations to a new city, or merging with another firm, they do not sufficiently address the human side of things. It isn’t really the Read more

Leading Urgent Business Transformation

Leaders are expected to take ownership for new levels of performance, cost savings and responsiveness, often in an environment of rising demands and limited resources. The rapid implementation of new solutions and Read more

Taking Action? Are You Stuck in Your Past or Free to Manifest Your Desired Results?

Are you thinking small, even though you have big dreams?? Being able to show up in our strength depends upon an ability to be open to a bigger and better future with the help of a new picture of success ? not just Read more

Dealing with Life When It Gets in the Way of Living

Despite our best of intentions and diligence in constructing plans, life shows up. An unexpected incident can feel like an interruption or an annoying-to-threatening disruption, when in truth even the best-of-intentioned plans are temporary! Recovery plans include Read more

You Really Can Walk Up an Escalator, Play Big by Keeping the Big Picture

Sometimes our history can really get in our way and keep us playing small. We get caught up in worry and fear, or our old selves show us getting us caught up in the situation. This prevents us from Read more

Turn Your Plan for Change into an Experiment for Improved Results

A plan is desirable to advance from setting a vision to putting things in motion, but if we are not careful the plan can take on a life of its own and make us rigid, with expectations of perfection and pretending to know what we don?t know.? This is particularly worrisome when our desired outcome involves achieving stretch goals. Shifting from Read more

Building Your Inner Strength

Once we set a vision picture for success and surround ourselves inside and out with the right support systems, the real work begins.? Building muscle to maintain the course is not unlike athletes who first break down muscle to build new capability.? Things aren?t always going to go smoothly.? It is best to Read more

Creating the Support You Need to be Successful in 2014 (Part 2)

Equipped with strength first from our inner support system, there are four levels from which to develop support from others: 1) Circle of Influence with those who share our vision, 2) An Accountability Partner, friend or colleague with whom we meet