Why I Didn’t Believe in Culture Change Part 2 of 2

The Shocking Discovery of a True Culture Change

In 1988, I was hired to facilitate a leadership development series for a group of middle managers. However, instead of providing a set of isolated skills such as planning, time management, conflict resolution, and performance management, I approached the development similar to my projects involving changing the culture of a team. We started with the output of the team, determined the mindset and beliefs of the middle managers to accomplish their outputs and goals, and defined specific behaviors (habits) that would optimize their effectiveness together in achieving those outputs and goals.

Within six months, this group of middle managers was completely Read more

Why I Didn’t Believe in Culture Change Part 1 of 2

Completing my graduate work in Organization Development back in 1978, I came away with the belief that true culture change couldn’t be changed deliberately. While I heard of many organizations that experienced change, most cases reported reverting back to their old culture within a relatively short period of time. And, then it was a mystery to determine what qualified as a true culture change.

Before answering the question of culture change it was necessary to define the culture of an organization. Is an organization’s culture represented by its Read more