Stretching through Rapid Team Results (Part 2)

Every person develops habits to get the assignments they have been given done.? In absence of in-the-field or on-the-factory-floor coordination, however, teams often turn to the norm of crisis management.? Despite well-intended hard work, it is easy to fall into Read more

Stretching through Rapid Team Results (Part 1)

While we may feel good and have a greater sense of camaraderie by attending team building events, seldom do the experiences dramatically effect team performance back at work. Execution in the form of changing habits and creating new links between people is where the Read more

Not Doing to Get Things Done

With vacations underway for many people and summer winding down, it often remains a challenge to really relax and replenish in this ever-connected, often oversubscribed lifestyles.? A real vacation can allow us to reduce Read more

Thriving through Life?s Ups and Downs

How do we manage our expectations through the ups, not just the downs, to not set ourselves up to not lose a positive focus during the inevitable cycles in life?? One way is to reframe the downs not as crashes, but Read more

Personal Freedom through Accountability

What would the world look like if we realized it is a choice to enjoy our work and life?? The challenge lies in becoming aware of and addressing the triggers that distract us from joy, imprisoning and potentially Read more

Influencing within the Squeeze ? The Trials and Tribulations of Middle Managers

The toughest position to be within most organizations is the role of middle manager, caught between the often opposing needs and polar opposite positions of senior leaders and the troupes.? This group of functional leaders can Read more

Influencing Senior Management ? How to Avoid the Quicksand

Top leaders are in charge of the consciousness of the organization.? Senior management must feel safe with the people they have under their stewardship, for as leaders they are accountable for things they often cannot directly control, on top of being Read more

Going beyond Management Books to Do the Right Thing

Mark shares the story of a very successful, $1 billion business that has experienced consecutive years of growth since its founding 25 years ago ? after the leaders actually had met at a coffee shop for 20 years beforehand to often talk about their individual failures and help Read more

Balancing Ego with Your Unique Self Expression

It is important to put your business first and not let your individual style or potential limiting beliefs limit success.? Whether you are a solopreneur, member of a team in a more conventional organization, or in your personal life working on relationships with others, being clear about Read more

The Stop and Start Dilemma of Being Accountable

Being accountable is a process, not an event, so it is a challenge while in the process to not get distracted or look for an easy way out. Common missteps occur when we get in a hurry to get results, overlooking the difficult consequences on others, or falling into Read more