Turn Your Plan for Change into an Experiment for Improved Results

A plan is desirable to advance from setting a vision to putting things in motion, but if we are not careful the plan can take on a life of its own and make us rigid, with expectations of perfection and pretending to know what we don?t know.? This is particularly worrisome when our desired outcome involves achieving stretch goals. Shifting from Read more

Building Your Inner Strength

Once we set a vision picture for success and surround ourselves inside and out with the right support systems, the real work begins.? Building muscle to maintain the course is not unlike athletes who first break down muscle to build new capability.? Things aren?t always going to go smoothly.? It is best to Read more

Creating the Support You Need to be Successful in 2014 (Part 2)

Equipped with strength first from our inner support system, there are four levels from which to develop support from others: 1) Circle of Influence with those who share our vision, 2) An Accountability Partner, friend or colleague with whom we meet

Creating the Support You Need to be Successful in 2014 (Part 1)

In December, 2013, Mark discussed a process to acknowledge our 2013 successes from which to then frame up 2014 by starting at the end ? how will we talk about ourselves and business change in January, 2015? To be successful we must Read more

Positioning Yourself for 2014

A place from which to set the most impactful course for 2014 is actually at its end.? What would you want to claim and tell the story about in January, 2015?? What would you say were your accomplishments and what did you learn?? How do you feel? The problem with Read more

Preparing for 2014 by Reviewing Successes in 2013

This is a two-step process, starting with reflection to ?find the successes? like some great treasure hunt at times, since we are often so mired in deficit thinking, let alone distracted or disheartened by the externalities and pressures of organizations, families, our high Read more

Three Most Deadly Trends Facing Leaders

A business leader?s success depends entirely on his or her ability to get results. But getting those results has become more and more difficult in today?s more global environment of shrinking resources, expanding roles, virtual teams, and escalating pressure to Read more

Avoid the Activity Spin and Be Outcome Driven

How often we get caught up in processes, procedures, meetings and task lists, losing track of the experience of progress and falling instead into struggle, stress and burnout.? Not to mention non-value added steps or unnecessary, out-of-balance pursuit of perfection. As an ongoing, daily practice we should get and stay Read more

Travel Light ? Get Rid of Old Baggage

Anchors to our past, in particular goals we never accomplished or opportunities we passed by, keep us from being truly creative to address problems and see new options and choices here and now ? TODAY.? Anything that works well today will eventually become Read more

Breaking through Resistance for Breakthrough Goals

Whenever we create a stretch goal, whether personally or within our teams at work, there will always be resistance that shows up.? In fact, the bigger the goal, the bigger the resistance.? This is not Read more