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High Performance Teams: Separating Truth from Myth Part 3: Optimizing Team Performance

By Mark Samuel (Editor’s note: In previous articles, we discussed Team Principles 1 through 7, which address the fundamentals of teamwork and team development. Part 3 addresses the principles for maximizing team effectiveness). Most organizations that work on improvement waste valuable time pursuing perfection, sacrificing excellence in the process. Teams either work on areas or […]

High Performance Teams: Separating Truth from Myth Part 2: The REAL Purpose of Team Development

By Mark Samuel (Editor’s note: Part 1 of this article addressed the fundamentals of teamwork, which form the basis of the first three Team Principles. Part 2 addresses team building and team development.) In organizations, we tend to focus on the individual. When an employee’s performance drops off, we send them to a skill-building course […]

Agreeable Teamwork

by Mark Samuel One of the reasons that teamwork often fails to produce effective results is due to the lack of focus on defining and refining team relationships. Total Quality efforts have been focused on attaining measurable improvement processes that would, ultimately, improve customer service. These improvements involve increasing the quality which results in providing […]