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Increase Your Influence and Value

  Based on “Be Indispensable” article that originally appeared in Leadership Excellence July 2012.?Click Here to read PDF version. Make seven clear choices. Many organizations are plagued by leaders who are making choices today to protect themselves and their turf in a way that makes them dispensable and their organizations vulnerable to customer demands, competition, […]

Starting the New Year with Gratitude

For more than a year now, people in all levels of the organization have been involved in continuous change efforts. Many have been concerned with losing their jobs or changing positions in the organization. Others have been working hard to keep up with increasing demands while their resources have been cut. In other words, people […]


By Mark Samuel Since Accountability-Based Training is still a relatively new concept within the organizational Training and Development community, we thought that it would be helpful to clarify its purpose, characteristics and application. It is important to note that Accountability-Based training is not intended to replace traditional skill-building, which is used for the enhancement of […]

Culture Change… A Soft Issue?

By Mark Samuel The biggest mistake made by organizations as they restructure is thinking that by restructuring they will create a new organizational culture. This is especially true when organizations move from a functional organization to a business unit structure. Some will support this illusion of a new culture by providing she people affected by […]

Designing Accountability-Based Trainings

By Mark Samuel Skill-building training programs are developed by identifying the objectives and skills required to satisfy a need, which may come from a needs assessment. Then, the designer of the program will identify the tools and awareness activities that will assist the person in developing competence in using the skills. Finally, concepts and information […]

Recovery Strategies: Key to Successful Projects

By Mark Samuel As the leader of IMPAQ, I am familiar with the feeling of angst in the pit of my stomach when I discover a mistake in our program materials, or a potential client doesn’t receive a proposal that I had prepared. Of course, I want everything to be perfect – no mistakes, no […]