After experiencing the Personal Accountability Model, people have said:

?I?m going to stop playing the ?blame game? and take more responsibility at work.?

-Supervisor, Federal Government Agency

?I see the importance of taking ownership for my role at work in terms of my career growth and ultimate job security.?

-Customer Service Manager, High Technology Company

?The power of intention and being clear about desired outcomes is key to me holding myself and others accountable.?

– ?Operations Manager, Aerospace Corporation

?Proactive Recovery as the way of demonstrating the Forgiveness step in the model helped us reduce the time on our projects by 35%. Now our projects are on time and on budget with much higher customer satisfaction.?

– Plant Manager, Biotech Corporation

?This is one of the most practical models that I have used to improve my relationships at work and at home with my family.?

Sales Manager, National Retail Chain