Mark SamuelAs the founder and CEO of IMPAQ Corporation since 1985, Mark Samuel has been building leaders at every level of organizations to remove the common breakdowns that bleed and paralyze organizations.

IMPAQ realizes that the success of executing business strategy is based on your ability to execute change and to adapt the culture necessary to achieve and sustain business results. This is not only our expertise, but we apply a measurement system that assesses and links execution, relationships and deliverables necessary for you to achieve business results.

In addition, IMPAQ consultants provide executive and leadership development programs to support the on-going improvement of executing the business strategy. This includes developing leaders at all levels with critical thinking, effective decision making, outcome-driven project management, team effectiveness, change leadership, meaningful engagement of employees, and enhancing the level of commitment and ownership of all employees.

Imagine what your business would accomplish when:

  • Managers act in alignment, eliminating silo behavior
  • Decisions are timely and inclusive based on critical business thinking
  • Leaders develop their successors without the threat of being replacedMark Samuel Bogota
  • Employees are actively engaged to improve processes and practices
  • Functional managers proactively solve cross-functional breakdowns
  • Everyone is dedicated to change and personal/professional development

Ultimately, when people work in harmony to achieve meaningful, breakthrough results that positively impact their customers, their organization and their teams, they experience a level of commitment, confidence, and satisfaction that permeates the culture.

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